European Innovator of the Year

European Innovator of the Year nominees:

1. Anaïs Barut and David Siret  

In the battle to improve the early detection of melanoma without biopsies, Anaïs Barut, 25, and David Siret, 26, are developing a device that uses infrared light to image tissue down to the cellular level up to 1 millimeter deep into the skin. The Paris-based pair have already raised $2.4 million from European healthcare investors for their company DAMAE Medical. Find out more:  

2. Albert Colomer

Albert Colomer is an entrepreneur and angel investor. He is founder and Executive Director of Centre de Reempresa de Catalunya, a business transfer marketplace for Catalonian SMEs and the Business Angel Network Catalunya, the first Spanish angel network. Last year he was hailed Europe’s Most Visionary Investor. When asked what makes a good angel investor, he said: “There is one fundamental function, which is contributing capital. The entrepreneur is the horse and the business angel is the jockey. It is the horse that risks its life to win the race, but the jockey also takes away prizes”. Find out more:  

3. Krisztián Imre 

Krisztián is the Founder and CEO of EVA. It is his deeply held belief that it is time blind people were given a better way to get around than GPS. This led to him developing the Extended Visual Assistant. EVA can significantly improve everyday activities such as walking, reading, recognising objects and socialising for partially sighted people. His passion has led to a vision of the future for thousands of people. Find out more:  

4. Laurynas Jokubaitis, Justas Pikelis and Andrej Ruckij

Co-founders of Monetha, an innovative blockchain enterprise headquartered in Switzerland, Jokubaitis, Pikelis and Ruckij are creating a decentralized trust and reputation system for global commerce in combination with a mobile payment solution on the Ethereum blockchain. Sellers profit from a transparent reputation to boost their commerce, and buyers gain in certainty and confidence while purchasing. Their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) raised a whopping $37 million in 18 minutes. Find out more:  

5. Martin Kissinger and Victoria van Lennep  

In the hope of offering instant personal loans at fair rates, Van Lennep and Kissinger founded Lendable in London, UK. Their machine-learning technology enables an automation of credit decisions, allowing them to offer small loans at better rates than banks or credit cards. Backed by institutional and private investors, Lendable has secured more than $5 million in equity funding and more than $250 million in lending capital. The pair of 28-year-olds recently appeared in Forbes 30 under 30 Europe, a list of young Europeans influencing global markets. Find out more:  

6. Max and Allen Mohammadi  

Max and Allen are the Sweden-based brothers and innovators behind “Heartstrings” and co-founders of Hippogriff AB. The unexpected death of their grandmother from a heart attack drove the pair to invent an accurate technology to diagnose heart disease well in advance. The artificial-intelligence-based technology has been successfully validated in clinical trials with 700+ patients and already reached 46000+ patients. Heartstrings is 10-times faster and 50-times cheaper than the current methods. Both Allen and Max have been named as one of the most influential innovators in Europe by Forbes and received European Change Award, Alfred Nobel diploma, Gold medal and “Best Inventor” award as well as winning the 1st place in the World’s InnovatorsRace among 1000+ innovations. Find out more:  

7. Tuomas Mustonen

Finding a replacement to plastic bags is a global challenge. That’s the belief of Paptic CEO Tuomas Mustonen. He co-founded Paptic as a response to the banning of plastic bags in numerous countries. His company now provides an alternative to plastics: the wood-based, recyclable and reusable Paptic material looks poised to provide an ecological alternative to the problem of plastic. Find out more:  

8. Prof. Aníbal Ollero  

AEROARMS project coordinator; Professor of robotics at University of Sevillad and Scientific advisor, CATEC. Prof. Ollero made headlines recently after winning the European Innovation Radar Prize for his part in the development of a new drone which can revolutionise risky industrial inspections, making them safer and more cost-effective. The semi-autonomous drone can lift instruments and press them against structures in just the right way to check their integrity. Find out more:  

9. Dimitris Petrotos

Greek architect/ inventor Dimitris Petrotis, along with Marios-Ermis Petrotos have patented the Laddroller, a four-wheel-drive wheelchair that helps its users stand, and navigate rough terrain, kerbs and steps. Once on the market, this device could improve users’ lives immeasurably, and save money on home modifications. After 13 prototypes, it's now awaiting regulatory approval to go to market. Find out more:  

10. Diego Serrano

Diego Serrano admits to having a passion for disruptive solutions and advanced technologies, always with the human factor and user experience in mind. In 2014 he founded Broomx Technologies with his brother Pedro. It is The Projected Vr Company, which has been described as creating the most advanced tools to enjoy Virtual Reality in real spaces. Find out more:  

11. Stavros Tsompanidis 

An innovator based in Patras, Greece - Stavros Tsompanidis has managed to take the dead specimens of a ubiquitous (and hitherto rather unremarkable) sea plant and turn it into an extremely useful resource. His company, PHEE, manufactures environmentally friendly, trendy gift boxes and accessories (smartphone cases, sunglasses, coasters) from dead Neptune grass (Posidonia oceanica). And watch out, because there could be much wider implications and applications for this groundbreaking material he has developed with his business partner Nikolaos Athanasopoulos. Find out more here: and here:  

12. Pablo Vidarte

Pablo Vidarte is CEO at Arkyne Technologies. The Spaniard is the inventor and developer of Bioo, Arkyne’s leading project for the generation of electricity from photosynthesis in plants. He was named in the Forbes Under 30 Europe list at the age of 20, and has won a host of internationally renowned awards. He was recognised by Google and South Summit 2016 with the title of Most Disruptive Company of the Year. Find out more:  

13. Boudewijn Wijnands

CEO and founder of Deedmob, an online volunteering platform that connects volunteers, charities, companies and government institutions to increase collaboration and maximize social impact. Deedmob is a startup from the University of Oxford, represents over 850,000 volunteers and changed over 11,500 lives in its first year of operation. Deedmob is one of the fastest growing startups in the Netherlands and is expending internationally. Partners include the Red Cross, UNICEF, World Wild Life Fund, UPS, Red Bull, KPMG, City of Amsterdam among many others. Boudewijn is a University of Oxford graduate, a 'Financieel Dagblad under 35 talent' and is nominated by St. Gallen University as a 'Leader of Tomorrow'. Find out more:  

14. Ryan Mario Yasin

As a UK-based Photographer, designer, aeronautical engineer and founder of Petit Pli, Ryan Mario Yasin can turn his hand to just about anything it seems. Petit Pli is a line of clothes that grow with your child using expansion and growth technology. The garments are waterproof, lightweight, and gender-inclusive, with pleated designs, allowing each item of clothing to grow up to seven sizes. It's not only sustainable by reducing waste, but is also a welcome saving for young families on a tight budget. Find out more: and:  

15. Franky Zapata 

French world champion jet skier turned inventor, Franky Zapata recently set the new world record for the longest hoverboard flight. Standing on his Flyboard® Air, developed by his company Zapata Racing, he traveled 2.25 km at more than 50 meters above the ground. Longer distances look just over the horizon. Equipped with four turbojets pushing out 1,000 horsepower, Franky’s invention is a sight to behold. Find out more: