European Innovator of the Year

European Innovator of the Year nominees:

Storro is a Dutch team of security specialists with a love for ground breaking technologies. They see tech as a means to increase trust, freedom and productivity. That’s why they had develop secure-by-design software that is easy to use. In 2011, the team was voted one of the 50 most promising university startups worldwide and the prize was collected at the NASDAQ stock exchange in New York. Next, the team moved from a small attic to the top floor of the radar tower at the military secured site of Thales in Hengelo. This unique approach has led to international recognition from the Dutch government, Fujitsu, SXSW, Equinix and many more.

Yvan Bourgnon is a swiss navigator. He is the founder and CEO of The Sea Cleaners. Yvan Bourgnon first sailed around the world when he was eight with his parents during three years. Later, during the many races he participated to in the world, he was shocked by the amount of plastic waste polluting the seas. Being fully aware of this global catastrophe for our planet he created the association The Sea Cleaners in September 2016 to fight ocean plastic pollution. To face this new challenge, he surrounded myself with experts and professionals in this field. The main purpose of the Sea Cleaners is to fight against ocean pollution with an innovative project the Manta, a 70 meters cleaning boat.

Richard White is Vice-President for Procurement & Sustainability at AB InBev Europe. He spent the last 10 years leading a variety of strategic sourcing initiatives in Marketing & Commercial spend categories such as Media & Advertising, before being appointed to his current role in October 2016. As the world's leading brewer, AB InBev is committed to brewing beer embedding sustainability and social responsibility throughout its entire value chain. 

In 2015, thanks to the LIFE grant, its Global Innovation and Technology Center has developed the Simmer and Strip technology,  a “Method for treating a wort in a boiling kettle” that led to the publishing of a patent. This technology allows to reduce energy consumption by 12%, greenhouse gas emissions by 8% as well as water consumption. Because sustainability has no borders, they committed to expanding this technology in all their breweries. When successfully implemented in their biggest 200 breweries worldwide, they will approximately save every year the equivalent of the annual energy consumption of a city which counts more than 100 000 inhabitants like Luxembourg Capital. Because sustainability is not a competition, they have decided to offer the license to use the patent for free to small and medium brewers.